Do you believe? – A Higher Energy..

I have been asked this question so many times that i have actually lost counting. This question and the answer accompanied by, is usually ” Are you affiliated with a certain religion?” And if not, then you got to be an “atheist”.

Well, that’s not true. Not true at all.

Bottom line, why should i bow to Savaoth, Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, Buddha or whatever in order to prove to my interlocutor that i believe in a Higher Energy? Why should i accept the definition given to this Higher Energy by other individuals or organizations?

But if i don’t, i am automatically either an atheist or an agnosticist?

Is that which degree exactly of stereotyping, or what?

But what is belief? What is faith? Is faith that which religious organizations believe that it is?

Why? 1)Because of their volumes follower’s? 2)Because of their History? Or 3)because of the energy retransmitted by them through the Concentration of their subjects?

“The faith of many people to something does not guarantee its truthfulness”, even the Ugly Socrates 2500 years ago observed the blindness of the mass.
In other words, as far as i am concerned, Scientific method alone, is allowed to perform such statements of True or False. And their history, is worst than Mao Ce Tung’s China….

But what about box no3? That’s a tricky one isn’t it?

According to this line of thought, the more followers one has, the more influential is in the Divine domain, since the followers in their own way, create through their faith a Light in the Darkness. Not because of their affiliations but through the power of their meditative minds.

So, here we have another relationship similar to the State-Citizen relationship, everything the citizens do, the government takes credit for. And it should, since it provides a competitive framework for its subjects to elaborate in.

So, maybe i should choose a religion and fast for that matter?

But wait a second, since when did “pure energy” become a tradable commodity which can be concentrated and retransmitted?

I guess we should have to wait until science answers David Chalmers Hard Problem.

Until then, take your chances, and i shall take mine.


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